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The Open Data Dashboard (O.D.D) is a grassroots community experiment created by dapp developers around open data and analytics sharing.

This open data enabled by O.D.D will enable MetaCartel and the greater Web 3.0 open source community to collectively benchmark our collective metrics and data analytics — allowing us to observe, measure and conduct deeper meaningful experimentation with user engagement and monetization strategies.

To participate in this initiative, you simply need a quick 20 mins to install our Spicy Data SDK to get up and running.

What does integrating with the O.D.D mean?

  • Participating in the Open Data Dashboard means installing our O.D.D SDK that helps you track key data points like url, referrer, geo-location, and date-time events for your dapp. Also tracks on-chain data like revenue, daily active users, and volume. Beyond that, you are also able to embed event tracking to capture specific data.

  • Once the integration is done, your data is automatically visualized in our shared open public interface. You can also permission view and access to your data accordingly.

  • The integration should take no more than 25 minutes.

What do you get if you participate in this experiment?

  • You will be able to join a network of other dapps, where you will find opportunities to cross-advertise through each other’s dapps users, share collective users and find further opportunities to collaborate with other dapps participating in the O.D.D network.

  • MetaCartel DAO + the MetaWorks team will be experimenting with dapp revenue and user engagement experiments where our shared learnings and insights will be shared to the participating dapps who have integrated with O.D.D

  • You’ll find the opportunity to participate in our early pilot stage crypto-native ad experiments with partnered advertisers who are looking to sustainably find exposure to dapp users.

  • We help list and onboard you into MetaCartel’s crypto projects registry (Everest TCR) for community exposure.

What are the next steps?

  • We will begin to onboard dapps onto the Open Data Dashboard during early October and will begin to conduct our first pilot revenue experiments at the end of October.

  • For now, reach out and let’s jam on what we could work on 😁

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.